Sheila Abernathy Matthews — Port Orchard, Washington

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Back in 2014 my good friend and her husband had just had their 4th child. She was in grad school full time and taking care of their 4 kids. Her husband suggested finding a sitter for a few hours a day and even had a name- Shiela Abernathy Matthews- a HOMEWRECKER who ran an illegal (not known at the time to my friend) daycare out of her home and also does taxes for people and charges a bunch of money to “fudge” there taxes and does some shady things to get people lots of money back. All while not paying any taxes herself. She calls herself a tax consultant. My friend didn’t know all of this and just thought her husband had found a half day daycare so she could work on school. This Shiela person decided to become friends with my friend, while weaseling her way in and being inappropriate with my friends husband via texts and playing the helpless female who “needs a strong man”. When they moved to Washington to try to better their situation and relationship, this woman followed them and did everything she could to break up their marriage. She went on and on about how she wanted to have her own “maverick” from Top Gun and she save my friends husbands phone number in her phone under maverick. She sent him secret texts and trash talked my friend. When my friends marriage hit a rough patch Shiela told her husband that he could stay with her. She nixed any ulterior motive and said that she was just trying to help. She’s a serial cheater who has cheated on her husbands, became friends with my good friend and helped destroy that marriage, had my friends husband move in with her to a house they can’t afford, and is now trying to weasel in with my friends children. She doesn’t work and they have to move people into the home to afford rent and bills. He’s a registered sex offender, they moved felons into the home, and my friend is trying to care for her 4 kids and this Shiela woman won’t go away.