Shirley Spence — Toronto, Canada

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

This so called women named Shirley Spence will secretly message your man she’ll know is in a relationship with family with kids. This [email protected]# doesn’t give AF as long she gets by sleeping with your man in her bed. My husband use to come home with bite marks on his body from Shirley’s bed after he had sex with her, from bedbugs in her bed. Gross eh I’ll say. Not shortly after Shirley admitted to sleeping with my husband …

She’s known all over kenora and Winnipeg for being a nasty junkie and pill popper. People say that Shirley is a scum bucket with no morals. She has three kids that she can’t look after, how do I know this, because my husband said every time he entered her apartment there were no kids to be seen, just her alone in raunchy apartment. She’ll flaunt her scabby a** with no panties on, in front of my husband while he stares at her getting a hard on from her doing her so called “frisky moves”. My husband said he was thinking with the wrong head for sure while every chance he had sex with Shirley Spence in her apartment. Shortly after, they were actually telling each other they loved one another. [email protected]#h please you don’t even know what LOVE IS? Can’t stay in a relationship, always moving on with a different guy, or three guys within a year. “As for my husband who was telling Shirley that you loved her only to find out you, actually came out and said to me “Shirley has nothing I want”, “I’m sorry my love for hurting you, Shirley was just a [email protected]# and nothing more, I know u hate me for cheating on u with a junkie and I’d admit that and I ain’t proud of myself for [email protected]#en a junkie and yes I’d paid for sex and sent this [email protected]#h money while she moved back to Winnipeg”, “I’d admit I only wanted Shirley to be a fuck buddie”. I gave him a fair warning that if he ever speaks to Shirley again through Facebook or in person that we are officially done!