Stacy Lynn Cawthon – California

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

This is Stacy Cawthon. She is a God fearing Christian women. In reality, she is 4x homewrecker. But, she plays the “who me?” when it suits her. She has recently hooked up with ANOTHER married man. Ok, his wife left him, but she swooped in and took advantage of their separation. She is the most two-faced person in Orange County. After she is done with your husband, she will tell all common friends that the man was a manipulator and took advantage for her kind spirit. Won’t take long for her to sniff out her next victim. She claims to love her children, but the youngest was court ordered to return to her ex-husband by a judge! Beware of this w****! BTW, she gets off sexually if you call her Tink. Her pants slide off and legs wide open.