Susie Garner Bostrom — Hephzibah, Georgia

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

This 50 some odd woman has been married for 35 years. She was engaged 40 years ago to a friend’s father. It didn’t work out and he also married someone else. He went in to have 3 boys and now 7 grandchildren. His wife has several health issues but still is completely in love with him. In Feb he began getting secretive, password protecting his phone and refusing to allow his wife to use it. This blonde began coming to the grands ballgames when his wife was unable to make it and the kids mother, his daughter in law, knew it and hid it. It wasn’t long before his wife began getting seriously uncomfortable about posts on social media from Susie. She would remind everyone she had been engaged to him and how she thought he was hot and missed running her fingers through his hair. His wife asked her to stop, he’s married. To which Susie coldly replied it wasn’t her fault the wife couldn’t keep her husband happy. He refused to cut off the communications with Susie, lending more evidence to something shady going on. Staying late at work and not answering his wifes calls. Showing absolutely no affection for his wife at all. The mans older son and his wife took up for mom as did the preacher at their church. Susie said the most vile things to all of them while loving daddy blocked son, wife, eldest daughter in law, preacher and preachers wife but kept Susie and “comforted” her profusely. His wife decided to let Susie’s husband in on the issue. He had no clue she was speaking to an old flame and went ballistic. Susie decided to wage war against the wife and defame her. Defame a sick woman who had done absolutely nothing wrong. The younger daughter in law followed suit in the evil and refused to allow the innocent wife visits with her grandchildren, all because she was helping the affair go on and got caught. Can we say a group of narcissists? Needless to say this marriage is irreparable at this point and because of this homewrecker even toddlers are being punished by removal from their grandmas life. Sickening!