Tera Billy — Tempe, Arizona

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

This chick Tera worked with my fiance at P&A and would suck his d*** after work in her car, knowing he had a pregnant girl at home waiting on him. The grossest part is he worked all day in the heat and she would suck his sweaty b****. Gross. There was even a day that she sucked his d*** after he slept with me and I was on my period. Lmao. Anyways… she is a Home Wrecking 35 Year Old who loves to do cocaine and sleep with unavailable guys. She will tell them there is no feelings involved and then when they try to break it off with her, she continues to linger around like a sad puppy who can’t find a person for herself. She must love sucking the leftovers of other women. Sick.