Tiffany Stillwell Bunzey — Corinth, New York

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Tiffany continues to chase a married man- while she herself is married. That married friend’s wife attempted to befriend her online to try to give her a chance and understand the friendship- but Tiffany instead refused to befriend the wife. This obviously then made her suspicious- she tried to turn husband against wife continuously and tells her sob story to make him feel sorry for her. She had told him in the past of her feelings for him. She told coworkers that they were more than friends. His wife became very uncomfortable with the friendship after finding this out and asked for it to stop. Unfortunately they work together and since she works with him, she stays in contact with him- “secretly” emailing and messaging him. She just won’t stop! No class or respect- only thinks of herself and doesn’t care that she is ruining his family and his life.