Trent Wieties Aka Chris Pargett — Collinsville, Illinois

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

About a year ago I started talking to a guy… he told me his name was Chris Pargett but doing research I know his real name is trent wieties. we talked on phone, texted, and sent snapchats to each other for 4 months. he told me his wife left him. He was raising kids alone. Was a prison guard and in the military trying to raise kids with 2 jobs. He did tell some truth as prison guard and military in my searches is what let me find his picture. I am divorced and have one child he told me how much we have in common. He made me think he wanted a real relationship. he always wanted to come to me never would talk about me visiting him. after we were together I couldn’t get hold of him the number was disconnected and his snapchat was not working and or canceled. At that point I realized that he was a player and user. now I know he is a married cheater as well.