William Charles Gronberg — Mesa, Arizona

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

William Gronberg was married to my sister Carole. They moved back to Arizona to help resolve their ongoing divorce. William met this desperate and dateless woman on E-harmony named Jessica Withers. Jessica is very gullible and on very high doses of anti-anxiety medications and anti depressants. She is also worth a lot of money due to a family trust fund. William proposed marriage on their second date and they were married in just a few months time. Her has used Jessica and her money. about two years after this rebound marriage, William went back to Carole, professed his undying love for her and they started having an affair that started back in 2015. My sister is very gullible too and still loves this jerk. I’m not sure if Jessica knows about the affair or not, I have pictures videos and even a text message from William asking Carole to spend the night when his wife Jessica is out of town. I need to expose this jerk and this stupid woman who is ruining my sister’s life. This weirdo Jessica just smiles all the time and pretends she is in a very stable marriage. I want the truth out. I’m tired of seeing my sister cry because of these two morons.